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People Pillar: Essential To Build 'Intelligent And Clean' Workplace Strategy

Gautam Kumar, CHRO and Director- People Experience (ISEA Region), SKF India believes that leaders should envision a workplace where innovation, sustainability and employee well-being is at core

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Vivek Tripathi Appointed In Additional Role At AU Small Finance Bank

Hailed by peers for his leadership skills, Tripathi joined the NBFC company in November 2020 to oversee its HR and L&D functions. He possesses diverse experience and skillsets with around 15 years of experience in the domain.

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Required Skillset To Make A Career In Green Organisations

The green economy will result in the creation of millions of new jobs and careers. However, providing new jobs is only a portion of the solution to the problem. It is vital to develop a suitably skilled workforce

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Future of Work: Driven By New-Age Tech, Sustainability, Hybrid

This is the time for more nuanced approaches and to understand workplaces as ecosystems rather than discrete physical locations. Organizational redesign can deliver efficiencies of scale and enable employers to harness value in new ways

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Sustainability Matters

The world in interlinked in ways one cannot imagine, something that we are all experiencing now in the era of global warming.

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What India’s future in sustainability looks like

The focus of sustainability has changed in India and companies are realising the importance of the socio-environmental impact that their activities have, says Dr Vikas Goswami, Head - Sustainability (Good & Green), Godrej Industries Limited and Associated Companies (GILAC). She elaborates on how the

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