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Amway India Collaborates To Extend Support to Public Health Service Providers

To address this soaring demand of sanitizers, especially across hospitals and frontline workers who are relentlessly serving COVID-19 patients; the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) has partnered with Amway India

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Job Rejection: Weak Handshake, Fumbling Could Be A Reason

Nearly 70% of candidates have been rejected in their job interviews at some point in their career.

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Communicating Our Way Through The Pandemic

As a company, listening to our stakeholders' pulse, leading with empathy, and communicating with clarity are what enable success in a sustained pandemic that disrupts people.

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5 Companies That Are Uplifting MSMEs During This Pandemic

Among the many parts of the economy that require immediate attention and succor, are the micro, small and medium enterprises.

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Hyatt To Lay Off 1,300 Employees As Pandemic Cripples Travel

Hyatt said it had also cut pay for senior management, board members, and all employees as part of a restructuring, adding that the staff who were being laid off would be eligible for receive severance pay.

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Maintain your mental wellbeing during COVID-19 outbreak: Samir Dwivedi, Medical Director, International SOS

Mental health is one aspect of this pandemic that the World Health Organization is discussing earnestly in these trying times.

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