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Contemporary Workforce Engagement Models In The Changing Indian Labour Landscape

The boom of the aggregator business and the rise of remote working brought about by the pandemic, have propelled the growth of varied workforce models in India. Organisations should be wary of conducting a majority of their business through flexible arrangements since the approach could be construed

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Construction Work In ‘Lockdown’ Due To Lack Of Labour

As the national capital witnessed high damage due to the second wave, labours hesitant to return, fearing the arrival of the third wave.

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NLRB Accuses Google of Breaking US Labour Law

Company policy to prevent workers from accessing or viewing each other's calendars unless it is for business official purposes has been met with a lot of criticism.

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Labour Regulations And Laws In Indian Manufacturing Industry

Labour laws in India are sclerotic in an age where workforce agility produces manufacturing success.

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Goal of creating 120 million jobs in 24 sectors over 2015 -2020 will be hard to accomplish: Team lease labour laws

Immediate overhaul of most regressive labour laws in India needed -Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh ushering in radical reforms to create job surplus

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