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Brand Guide Mantra For Organisations Planning To Downsize

Cognizant is considering job cuts to slash costs after the US-listed IT company forecast the worst annual growth in its history, most of which will be mid-level jobs

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From Fresh To Professional: 6 Strategies To Build The Budding New Workforce

As these individuals gradually step into the professional world, the role of an HR professional is essential to ensure a smooth transition in terms of both on-boarding and shaping an employee’s career

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Relevance of HR in an organization

HR is at the helm of a spectrum of activities ranging from personnel management to driving organization culture

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HR riding the wave of ‘disruption’

Shift in the demographics and talent development, technological breakthroughs, growing employee expectations & engagement and the globalizing workforce are directly influencing our people imperatives.

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Reshaping the role of HR: From salaries to strategy

If HR is to meet new business expectations and add value to the business, it must undertake this transformation journey. It is time for HR to draw up a plan to move from the base of the pyramid to the top and claim its rightful place as a strategic partner of the business.

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