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Managing The Workforce Of 2020

Organisations are working hard to figure out the hopes, aspirations and expectations of this generation and revising their management strategies to suit the affinities of the modern employee and consumer

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No Jobs In India: Jobs Growth Not In Accordance With GDP Growth

The number of employees have increased to 3.92 million in FY-17 from 3.85 million in FY-13, managing a growth of about 1%, while the GDP growth has been around 7%

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Banking Sector Gave Maximum Employment In FY17

Sectoral division of employment suggests that banks were seen to employ highest number of employees in FY17, roughly around 21 percent

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Standard Chartered Bank’s Global Business Services Announces Second Career Programme For Women

By launching ‘SheReturns’, the Bank aims to provide job opportunities to second-career women in information technology and operations

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Infosys Plans To Increase Local Workforce; To Hire 6,000 Engineers

U B Pravin Rao said, "We continue to recruit. This year that just concluded we had a net addition of 6,000 and we expect similar kind of additions over the next 1 or 2 years, depending on the kind of growth you see in the market."

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MeritTrac launches AceTrac – The Employability Enhancement Program to Complement India’s Skill Building Initiative

"The AceTrac Program that will enhance employability, unlike many other tests that only measure the state of employability just before hiring," said MeritTrac CEO.

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