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IT-BPM Industry To Create 3.75 Lakh New Jobs In FY’22: Report

As per the study, this year's attrition is owing to increased business, higher numbers of resignations. In fact, the attrition rate is the highest in the history of the IT-BPM industry

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Rising Attrition Or Retaining Talent, What Exactly Is The Challenge?

Employee attrition is one of the business problems that every employer has to tackle, especially when there is a boom in job opportunities. The IT Industry witnessing the talent acquisition war, on one end companies are offering higher salaries to suitably skilled top talent and on the counter side

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Cognizant makes 28,000 campus offers for 2021

Amid rising attrition rates of 21 per cent, the highest attrition in the industry for the January-March quarter, the International IT Player hopes to increase its workforce with fresh talent

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We Believe In Retaining Top Talent And Managing Attrition For The Constant Growth: Rajeev Bhardwaj

In an interaction with BW People, Rajeev Bhardwaj, ES Asia HR Business Partner, Enterprise Services Asia, Sun Life ASC talks about keeping employees happy, dealing with attrition rate in the sector, introducing employee centric approaches in his organisation and more.

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Employees And Organisation Both Should Benefit With Each Other: Director HR, Fujitsu India

"Employees constantly look for better opportunities, but it should also be noted that this happens only when there has been a level of dissatisfaction for that employee with the organisation"

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Periodical Performance Feedback Anchors Employees Career Plans

A survey has revealed that 72 percent of employees felt that their performance would improve with corrective feedback

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