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Furniture Startup WoodenStreet Aims To Generate Over 900 Job Opportunities

The expansion will help WoodenStreet cover more than 500,000 sq. ft. as they plan to inaugurate multiple stores and warehouses in various cities. The aim is to bump up the number of stores from 45 to 100, boosting their revenue to a whopping ₹600 Cr

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WoodenStreet Aims To Generate Over 100 Jobs; Set To Expand In Tier-II Cities

WoodenStreet plans to open more than 20 stores, including 12 in tier-II cities, by July next year with an investment of Rs 8-10 crore

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WoodenStreet Expands; Set To Hire 200 By The End of 2020

The 200 new recruitments will increase the current team of 350 by 50%-60%

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COVID-19: 5 Ideas For Startups To Give Back

As the nation reels with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have taken a severe toll, unable to operate in the same reliable manner as they used to.

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