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How Covid Has Helped Women in Returning Back Due To WFH Flexibility

In the recruitment space, we have seen a 60% increase in overall remote job applications within the industry, and a 50% increase in women’s applicants and the remote working capability is a major contributor.

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Talent500 by ANSR Launches “TakeTwo” Initiative To Help Women in Tech Relaunch Their Careers

The complimentary program is designed to help women technologists get industry-ready and access career opportunities at world-leading Fortune 500 companies.

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54.8% of Professionals Favor Career Growth Opportunities Over Salary: Survey

The report highlights that a significant number of job seekers find current recruitment processes complex and lack clarity. 55% of job-seekers are considering gig-based opportunities and 70% of the professionals want to focus on sharpening their ‘softer’ skills like communication and virtual present

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The Role of Technology is to Supplement Human Ability, Not replacing It: Vikram Ahuja, Co-Founder, Talent500 by ANSR

In the conversation with BW People, Vikram Ahuja, Co-Founder, Talent500 by ANSR shares about technological development and human reaction to it. How would it impact human professional lives and relationship building in the digital era?

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Coding Ninjas Partners With Talent500 By ANSR To Create Employment Opportunities In Technology Domain

Partnership to offer opportunities to students and tech professionals to work with Fortune 500 companies.

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Interview About The New Norm For The Recruitment Industry

BW People in an interaction with Akhyansh Mohapatra and Vikram Ahuja, Co-Founders, Talent500 By ANSR discussing the changes in the talent acquisition industry.

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