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Role of Boards: Building Sustainable Competitive Edge

Several committees of the Board throw enough clues about the working of the company to discerning directors but it requires a different genre to courageously raise issues at the right time to protect the interest of the stakeholders and the creditors

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Blurring Lines Between Work And Life – Is This The New Normal?

Between disrupted routines, employees find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance in their WFH routine. As remote work is the reality that we need to accept; we must look for positives in it.

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The HR Leaders Fighting The Crisis From the Front

BW People in association with BW Businessworld hosted a webinar on ‘The Role of the CHROs post-COVID’. The underlying theme of the panel was to explore the changing dynamics of HR leadership, the Intensity of decision making, new forms of hiring, taking tough decisions, and the definition of new nor

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