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The Pandemic Has Indeed Brought Some Revolutionary Changes, Putting HR At The Centerstage: HR Head, Stratbeans

In a recent interaction with BW People, S.K Nigam, HR Head of Stratbeans discussed the challenges of work from the home regime, nuances of driving businesses through the crisis, and the importance of communication for collaboration between employer and employees.

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Stratbeans Revamps User Interface (UI) To Enhance Employee Experience For Business Success

Employee training plays a pivotal role by giving an opportunity for employees to improve their performance and accelerate the company’s growth to the next level.

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Stratbeans Empowering Educational Institutions To Revolutionize Learning In Time Of COVID-19

The company is working with the institutions including schools and colleges to digitally transform in order to enhance and support the educational environment.

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Digital Learning Trends For Companies To Upskill Employees In 2020

Employees who are assured of education and constant up-skilling during their hiring process, are probably bound to stay longer and be focused at work.

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Stratbeans Appoint Two Industry Veterans As Associate Vice President -Sales

In their capacity, both executives will be responsible for driving sales by effectively strategizing, developing, and executing sales plans.

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COVID-19 Outbreak: Stratbeans Empowers Enterprises To Work-From-Home

Employees can work one after the other on a job remotely, while supervisors can monitor work compilations and review the work items through KMS, thus ensuring that the operations run smoothly.

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