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Mukesh Ambani Draws Nil Salary

Reliance said Ambani's remuneration for the financial year 2020-21 was 'nil.' In the previous fiscal year, he drew a Rs 15 crore salary from the company - the same as in the previous 11 years.

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A second round of pay cuts catches employees by surprise at TOI & ET

Bennett, Coleman and Company has closed Times Life and Sunday ET magazine and has also introduced a second round of salary cuts, following the first one in 2020

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Reliance to Offer Performance Bonus and Rolls Back Salary Cuts

Restoration in the group having 3-5 lakh direct employees would put money in the hands of group employees during the festive season.

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upGrad Reverses Salary Cuts For All Employees, Declares WFH Till 31st December 2020

The company made this announcement on the first day of the quarter in their customary townhall.

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