Latest Articles in COVID Crisis

Communication Is The Key During Crisis

In spite of all the research techniques, progress in artificial intelligence human race was caught unawares. I believe that humans are resilient and will make it out of this event even stronger.

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Employer Branding and People Communication In Times Of Crisis

Ad spend on e-commerce has doubled in the US while of course the travel industry has had to lay off employees, be it conventional airlines or Airbnb, Trip advisor like new-age technology companies alike.

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Zomato To Lay Off Over 500 Employees; As CEO Blames COVID Crisis

Deepinder Goyal said Zomato's food-order volumes had fallen and the company saw "long term potential" in grocery deliveries.

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Salesforce Management: Tangible Solutions to Face an Invisible Enemy

Understanding the concerns of the sales force and encouraging salesforce to suggest alternate pathways for sales are vital for the creation of a highly effective sales force.

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