Latest Articles in COVID 19 Pandemic

TN Ranks 2nd After AP In New Job Creation Under IBPS Scheme

The new guidelines provided the much-needed impetus to the BPO sector and are helping the industry sail through the pandemic.

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How Indian Women Entrepreneurs Are Making Their Mark In India’s Booming Startup Industry

The ability to juggle many roles at work and at home makes them better at managing time and priorities, leading to almost doubling their efficiencies and leading to an overall impact on the country’s growth and future.

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Goldman Sachs Plans Further Job Cuts

Goldman is looking for ways to cut costs to achieve a target of reducing operating expenses by $1.3 billion over the next three years, which it announced in January as part of a broader strategic revamp.

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Post-Covid World: Acid Test Of True Leadership

India had unending screenplays of life incidents, offering rich learnings and experiences for the future. Whether it was the lockdowns or their defiance leading to the migrant labour issue, we had many challenges to deal with.

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Staying Safe, Happy And Productive During Coronavirus Pandemic

In this challenging milieu, one urgently needs to focus on the mental and physical health of this vulnerable section of society.

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Skilled Yourself To Upscale In The Post-Pandemic World

A cross-functionality is the ability to do and engage with more than just your area of expertise.

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Post-Pandemic Skilling Demands Reshaped And Redefined Skillsets

Digital and hybrid training models with an evolved technological landscape will account for disruptions in the workforce.

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Technology Will Be A Subservient Tool In Education: Rajendra Singh Pawar, Chairman And Co-Founder, NIIT Group And Founder, NIIT University

BW Businessworld caught up with him to get an understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, especially for the education sector.

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These Advanced Technologies Protect Your Employees In The Time Of Covid-19

In order to ensure minimum touch and curb the spread of COVID-19 infections, proper planning is being done to introduce high-end Internet of Things (IoT) features. The purpose of technology is to make society more resilient in the face of a pandemic as well as other threats.

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