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BetterPlace Acquires Oust Labs; Aims To Digitally Upskill 100 Million Workers

As per market research, only 3 per cent of the blue-collar working population is formally educated and the rest learn on the job. There is a clear need to train & upskill millions of workers for meeting their aspirations, building a career path with eventual realization into higher earnings

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Indian Job Market To Offer 7 Million New Blue-Collar Jobs: Survey

According to the latest CMIE report, the country lost as much as 25.3 million jobs since January -- 2.5 million in February, 0.1 million in March, 7.4 million in April and 15.3 million in May -- taking the unemployment rate to 11.9 per cent in May

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Overall Demand for Jobs in 2020 Would Be 14 lakhs in 2020: Report

COVID Impact: total job losses estimated at over 10 lakhs, income loss pegged at Rs 2467 crore per month

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