Four TV Series That Promote Entrepreneurship

As Entrepreneurship is the new cool. TV shows has also picked up the subject to display the tales of these dreamers around the world. If you are a business enthusiast and thinking to start your own venture, following are the series that you must follow. Entertainment with a dose of entrepreneurship will boost your morale.

TVF Pitchers

The show premiered in 2015, this show is for the people who are tired of their 9 hours working schedule and who want to give a new start to their careers. Pitcher revolves around four young men who realized their dreams and quit their usual corporate world's desk job to start their own company; they realized they wanted to be masters of their will instead of being slaves for their employers. The show plucked significant attention right from its pilot episode when the protagonist, Naveen, gets super drunk and calls up his boss in the middle of the night and quits his job. He wakes up the next morning, freaking out. However, luck is on his side because an idea that he has been brewing for the past couple of months, with his two closest friends, falls through. Later, a series of ups and downs follow.

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