Article on February 24, 2018

A Step Forward – The Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2018

BW People with Ask Insights organised the Biggest Ever Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit with a distinct objective to address the ever-growing need of Diversity & Inclusion in the corporate world and across various other industry segments on 23rd February 2018 at The Leela Ambiance Convention Hotel.

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SAP launches flexible benefits plan for its employees in India

Designed to foster innovation by embracing differences and by creating an inclusive work environment, the FlexBen initiative enables an agile and flexible workforce which is an important pillar of our people strategy.

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Capgemini appoints Anirban Bose as head of financial services business

Thierry Delaporte who has taken on the role of chief operating officer for the Group.

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Rachna Mukherjee , Vijaya Dipti among others won D&I awards hosted by BW People & Ask Insights

BW People and Ask Insights presented India's Largest Global Diversity and inclusion on Friday at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram.

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