Article on February 14, 2022

Challenges And Opportunities For Headhunters In A Hybrid World

From basic mindset shifts to the new specialized skill sets required, the headhunters and hiring managers are catering to newer possibilities amid myriad opportunities.

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Role of Employer Branding In Fresher & Lateral Sourcing

Employer branding is an organisation's unique scent and hence, essential to nurture it and keep its narrative consistent

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Diversity, Inclusion And Equality In The Workplace

Diversity, inclusion and equality go a long way to creating a safe and productive work environment that drives successful businesses.

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Talent Mobility: Hire On Attitude And Train On Skills

The essential starting point of pertinent learning shall be self-assessment and learning while doing. This is the path all organisations are focused on alongside re-strategising algorithms to nurture talent to drive business outcomes

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