Article on May 05, 2020

New Alma Resort announces Herbert Laubichler-Pichler as General Manager

Austrian-born Herbert Laubichler-Pichler has taken charge of the opening of the 196-pavilion and 384-suite resort overlooking Long Beach, on Vietnam’s Cam Ranh peninsula, with 14 food and beverage outlets and a cascade of 12 beachfront swimming pools.

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Kohler Bold Talk 2.0: Design for Well Being

Clint Nagata, founder and Co-CEO of Bling with Mark Hayes, Principal of Stonehill Taylor spoke about the next phase of architecture, design and luxury travel.

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Become an Entrepreneur

As the coronavirus sends the job market in a tailspin, do not wait for employment opportunities. Be your Boss.

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Ameyo Launches Video KYC Engagement Platform for Banking and Finance Sector

Enables enterprises to reduce Video KYC completion drop-offs by 20% and reduce the cost of operations by up to 90%.

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Our Wings May Be Folded, But We Will Emerge

For India, the social distancing measures and travel restrictions have highlighted a fundamental aspect of the human condition – our need to connect and communicate on a deeper person-to-person level.

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