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Amazon Warns It's Employees Against Using Of Generative AI Tools

Amazon's cautious strategy is in line with other tech behemoths like Samsung and Apple, who have likewise limited internal use of generative AI technologies

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34% of Women Exit Firms Over Work-Life Balance: Study

The Women in India Inc (WIIn) project is focused on strategic partnerships with private sector firms to adopt best practices and shape policy, thereby transforming women's Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement

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By automating these assessments, accelerates the hiring process, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of hires for businesses

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Revitalising HR: Crafting Future-Ready Workforce In 2024

"Leveraging digital tools & AI, HR can monitor employee well-being, implement mental health awareness campaigns, and provide resources to create a supportive workplace," says Maria Valles, VP, People & Culture, Castrol India

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Elevating Organisations Through Employee Listening

"Employee listening is a fundamental expression of organisational care. The initial ring involves actively listening to personal and professional narratives. Yet, the true essence lies in the second ring, how organisations respond to insights gained through attentive listening," says Krishnakumar Ra

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Future-Proofing Talent: Technology's Role In Meeting Training Challenges

"We are observing trends like microlearning, customised & mobile learning, gamification, VR & AR to answer the changing demands of training, whether due to uncertainties, tech breakthroughs or multigenerational management," says Akash Sangole, CHRO, PEWIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India

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Workplace Evolution: Experts Navigate Paradigm Shift In Design & Utilisation

The discussions spotlight evolving landscapes, including individual expectations, post-pandemic considerations, financial perspectives and the integration of technology, all shaping the future of work environments

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Marico Introduces 'The Marico Way': Revamped Culture For Future Growth

The company has refreshed its values and introduced the initiative to empower members and align their actions and decisions with a clear sense of purpose

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Demystifying Resilience: Actions HR Leaders Should Take To Foster Resilience

"Learn to treat setbacks as opportunities to do better. It boosts your mental functioning; resilience begets resilience," says Vandana S Ahuja, Organisational HR Adviser & Executive Coach (ICF), Executive Director - Metamorph Dynamics Consulting

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Employee Engagement Strategies, Some New & Some Old

"In the pursuit of creating a meaningful space for talent to thrive, the amalgamation of appreciation, recognition, rewards and learning becomes the crux for employee engagement," says Pooja Madappa, Global VP- HR at Netradyne

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