Sunil Dahiya

The author is EVP, Wadhwani Opportunity, Wadhwani Foundation

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Building A Conducive Ecosystem For Skilling Women In India

A skilled women workforce is one of the largest possibilities and opportunities that India has to offer.

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Skilling For Self-employment

Creating building blocks for self-employment and micro-entrepreneurship will transform local economies and spur job creation and sustainable development.

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Skilling India - The Digital Way

The dream of an employable India with its burgeoning youth population equipped with quality education and skills can become a reality by leveraging the reach of digital learning into the most inaccessible corners of the country.

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Government’s Role In Skilling And Fulfilling India

Creating an army of employable youth will be key to India’s aspirations of a $5 trillion economy.

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Soft Skills: The New Skilling Paradigm

Soft skills are at the heart of any successful business and successful career.

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Post-Pandemic Skilling Demands Reshaped And Redefined Skillsets

Digital and hybrid training models with an evolved technological landscape will account for disruptions in the workforce.

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Integrating Skilling With Schooling

India’s education system needs to build a hierarchy of industry-led, job-ready skills to leverage its huge demographic dividend.

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