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Shashi Bhushan Dubey

The Author, Shashi Bhushan Dubey is a well-known Spiritual Coach and Business Mentor. A man of culture and ancient traditions, values, and heritage, he has strived his whole life to rest in the enlightening knowledge of “Gyan Prakash” - Light of Knowledge and has made it his life goal to teach, train, and edify people to become not just teachers but practitioners of spirituality. Shashi has created, trained, and mentored world-class professionals, businesspeople, royals, and politicians, and has continued sharing his wisdom of ancient and modern science to promote a more comprehensive and fulfilling understanding of human nature. He has global, first-hand experience in the practice of astrology, health, natural and spiritual sciences, and well-being which he shares with all who desire to take the next step in their life journey.

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Learning to Trust Yourself while Trusting God

Common usage of the word “trust” would refer to relying on someone or something for a future action. It is highly conditional in nature and is usually subject to constant review

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