Srinath Sridharan

Independent markets commentator. Media columnist. Board member. Corporate & Startup Advisor / Mentor. CEO coach. Strategic counsel for 25 years, with leading corporates across diverse sectors including automobile, e-commerce, advertising, consumer and financial services. Works with leaders in enabling transformation of organisations which have complexities of rapid-scale-up, talent-culture conflict, generational-change of promoters / key leadership, M&A cultural issues, issues of business scale & size. Understands & ideates on intersection of BFSI, digital, ‘contextual-finance’, consumer, mobility, GEMZ (Gig Economy, Millennials, gen Z), ESG. Well-versed with contours of governance, board-level strategic expectations, regulations & nuances across BFSI & associated stakeholder value-chain, challenges of organisational redesign and related business, culture & communication imperatives.

Latest Articles By Srinath Sridharan


Reimagining HR For Corporate 4.0

Each of the industrial revolutions brought changes to society - be it as societal thinking, human behaviour or the concept of work, employment, entrepreneurship. Where does HR fit in the 4th IR world?

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Welcoming 2021

For this year has proven that your social standing, wealth or anything else does not matter.

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Cut Some Slack For The New CEO

Let’s give some breather to the new CEO. Let her / him settle down and reshape the organisation into what (s)he believes will be sustainable advantage. Unless the person’s performance slackens, cut her / him some slack !

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Indian Society & The Art Of Self-discipline

Our behaviour as a society has not changed much for the current crisis - Corona Virus pandemic.

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