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In Conversation With Deepa Param Singhal, Vice President, HCM, Oracle Asia Pacific

Singhal talks about the use case of generative AI in enhanching the employee experience and much more in this exclusive conversation with Savi Khanna, Correspondent, BW People.

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Redefining Workplace Happiness Beyond Paychecks And Perks

Suman Kumar Ghosh, CHRO, Bajaj Electricals believes that the pursuit of happiness has moved beyond monetary benefits with employees seeking purpose-led initiatives focusing on sustainability, diversity & inclusion and upskilling at workplace

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Tech-Powered Gig Economy: Connecting Skills, Income & Mobility

Annanya Sarthak, Co-Founder & CEO, Awign believes that the gig economy embraces individuals of diverse skill levels and backgrounds, paving the way for increased social mobility with the help of tech-driven platforms

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Fostering Ethical Integrity To Navigate Complex Dilemmas

Jaikrishna B, President & Group CHRO, Amara Raja Group, says that culture-building initiatives allow organisations to gauge sentiments, perceptions and well-being levels while improving the impact on outcomes

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Synergy Of Care: Pairing Employee Engagement And Well-Being At Workplace

Sahil Mathur, CHRO, InMobi Group believes in fostering a continuous environment for learning by adopting the 3E approach: education, exposure & experience

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Empowering Every Voice: Leaders Uplifting Diversity And Inclusion

Priya Mathilakath, Head HR- Retail, Corporate and Manufacturing, Titan Company explores the role of leaders and HR in fostering a culture of belonging and opportunity

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International Youth Day: Nurturing GenZ’s Transformation Through Digital Upbringing

Vikram Ahuja, MD, ANSR, CEO and Cofounder, Talent500 believes that today’s youth is fostered with unparalleled technological fluency and constant connectivity

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People Pillar: Essential To Build 'Intelligent And Clean' Workplace Strategy

Gautam Kumar, CHRO and Director- People Experience (ISEA Region), SKF India believes that leaders should envision a workplace where innovation, sustainability and employee well-being is at core

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"Merit-Based Culture Spurs Women Representation At Work": Dilip Sinha

Dilip Sinha, CHRO of Vedanta Aluminium, advocates that holistic solutions for new mothers and older employees helps foster workforce diversity balance

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Deepti Mehta Joins Interface Microsystems As CHRO

She will be responsible for leading the overall human resource and administrative function along with building talent capabilities

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