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Sanjima is a trainee journalist at BW BusinessWorld. She can be reached at [email protected]

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From desk accessories to “smart pen” and “smart wallet”- Journey of Nikhil Ranjan , founder of William Penn

William Penn started 16 years ago as a retail store for stationary and was an extension of manufacturing stationary. In the last few years, William Penn has been expanding its portfolio of products to include men’s accessories and corporate gifts apart from premium writing instruments & stationery.

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Performance appraisal : A tool to motivate employees , says Sudhir Dhar

The performance appraisal is an essential part of the human resources department's contribution to an organization.

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Child care : No more a barrier for working women.....

Managing family is the main reason why women leave their jobs. The lack of a strong support system forces them to make a choice between their child and work.

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How is India poised to become the 6th largest market for staffing in the world by 2025?

Kamal Karanth, Co-Founder of Xpheno, shared his perspective on how India is going to gallop into center-stage and emerge as 6th place.

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"It was from childhood that I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur", says Puniti

Balancing a successful career with committed motherhood is for sure no easy task to pull off. An interesting discussion with Puniti.

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Role of technology in improving employee’s performance appraisals

The beauty of the data-driven approach is that it’s fair, efficient, and it yields concrete results.

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I talk as an ‘Equalist’ and not as a ‘Feminist’ , says Aastha Sharma , Co Founder & Spokesperson VERIS

In an interaction with Ms. Aastha Sharma, shares her thoughts about challenges faced by all leaders at work and the broad-level reasoning behind them.

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Innovation is key to success

History has perceived companies, which were once at the peak but later doomed to death just because of ‘dearth of innovation’. Nowadays, Companies are implementing game-changing innovations in small ways that add to the big picture.

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Every 5 hours a Medicover baby is born worldwide, says company CEO

In an interview with John Stubbington, CEO, Medicover Division, shares about the group’s plans for India.

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