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Resham Suhail

The author is Editorial Lead at BW Disrupt, BW Businessworld

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Establishing Work Culture For Organisational Success

A strong culture can bring benefits such as enhanced trust, efficient decision making and fewer disagreements and it also encourages shared understanding amongst employees.

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#DEI: Strengthing The Core Of Organsation

The culture of the company with respect to DEI should be constructive and collaborative when it comes to decision-making.

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Talent Mobility: Hire On Attitude And Train On Skills

The essential starting point of pertinent learning shall be self-assessment and learning while doing. This is the path all organisations are focused on alongside re-strategising algorithms to nurture talent to drive business outcomes

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Talent War To Continue With Increasing Digitisation: CHRO, Godrej Housing Finance

“Clubbed with high volatility there was the rapid movement of talent between the highest bidding organization and 2021 was the year where we witnessed, what is termed as the Great Resignation,” Ruhie Pande, Godrej Housing Finance asserts

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HR In The Year Of Uncertainties And Revolutions

With organisations continuing to grapple with the Omicron variant’s swift transmissibility, HR leaders need to keep their thinking caps on and pivot according to the ongoing trends of 2022. Simultaneously, safeguarding and promoting employee wellness has gained momentum too. If HR leaders rejig the systems and protocols as per these requirements, the ultimate stability and success of their organisations will be ensured

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Know The 3E Framework Of Learning At Tata Chemicals

“Organisations must not see automation as a threat to replace talent, but as a tool to improve the quality of work and enable higher efficiencies. Hence, the youth of today must be equipped with the necessary skill-set that allows them to function and thrive,” believes R Nanda, Chief of HR and CSR, Tata Chemicals

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Have B-schools Evolved Their Curriculum Adequately?

Businesses should prepare for 2030, where the ‘Future of Work’ and the newest form of ‘Division of Labour’ is not between classes, but between machines & humans. With technology at the helm of specialization, the requisite skill trajectory leans towards general management

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Technological Disruption: Driving The Future Of Work In India

this belief is unrelated to the ground reality because technology in the digital arena has been responsible for millions of new jobs as well as areas of employment every year. The technology-driven sectors have been driving employment faster than ever

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"DE&I Is A Key Business Imperative," Believes Rachna Mukherjee, Schneider Electric

"We remain committed to provide equal opportunities to everyone, everywhere and ensuring an environment of progress through equity & inclusion. At the very early stages of our DEI journey, we realized that for our organizational culture to change we needed to influence societal behaviour as well," asserts Rachna Mukherjee, CHRO India and South Asia, Schneider Electric

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Job Market: Demand For Non-IT Sector Jobs Outgrew IT jobs

The data indicated that the number of freshers seeking jobs (searches) has seen a 30% YoY increase in October 2021 as compared to October 2020. However, the data indicated that recruiter demand (job postings) has decreased by 18% for the same period

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