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The author is a correspondent with BW Businessworld with keen interest in HR and employee welfare.

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Women Entrepreneurs Face Challenges In Striking Right Balance In Work-Life

"What started as a journey with a promise to create naturally safe products that I can use for my daughters, quickly evolved and today we are a family of over 5,00,000 moms in over 100 Indian cities and towns"

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MHRD Launches Initiatives To Drive Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Prof. M P Poonia, Vice Chairman, AICTE added that students need to be given exposure, and must be prepared to bring solutions to the problems

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Unemployment Top Worry For Indians: Ipsos Survey

For the past 3 months in a row, Unemployment continues to take pole position in the list of top worries, without any reprieve

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DNA Of HR Function Is Being Rewritten With Technology: Oracle

The workforce needs to be equipped with multiple skill sets and even multiple career transitions if need be. Employees who are not upskilling themselves are facing the brunt of the situation

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Naaz Joshi, The Trans- Woman Inspiring Change In The Community

Naaz has been working with HIV and AIDS women and kids to spread awareness in rural areas and now aims to work for transgenders’ equality rights

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New- Age Skills For Employability Are About Delivering Experiences:Supreeth Nagaraju, Adobe

"Future skills must be associated with changing the world on experience. It is an era of digital experience and experience in delivering which brings engagement"

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People Drifting Away From Technical Education For Lack Of Quality

“PM Modi has been stressing on Make In India and universities have to be the innovation centres for that, moreover investing in faculties and lab staff becomes a necessity.

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Faculty 4.0 Can Make Education 4.0 Successful

Education and industry meet during the placement season, but they need to sit together often and decide on the demands for education to be industry-ready

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Startup From Punjab Hiring Local Talent WIth Domain Skills

Between both the companies are over 1000 people employed, recruited locally with specific emphasis on domain skills

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International Certification Will Close Skill Gaps For Counsellors: Mindler

The International Certification program, in collaboration with National Career Development Association (NCDA) & Career Development Alliance (CDA), USA offers a three-level programme for professionals accredited by NCDA aiming to learn international best practices in counselling and to further sharpen their counselling skills

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