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The author is a correspondent with BW Businessworld with keen interest in HR and employee welfare.

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Our Mission Is To Make Learning Personalized Using Technology: Zishaan Hayath

"Our students on the new app can experience an advanced, futuristic, and innovative form of Live Class that’s never been seen before on any other platform", said Zishaan Hayath, CEO and Co-Founder, Toppr.

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We Believe In Retaining Top Talent And Managing Attrition For The Constant Growth: Rajeev Bhardwaj

In an interaction with BW People, Rajeev Bhardwaj, ES Asia HR Business Partner, Enterprise Services Asia, Sun Life ASC talks about keeping employees happy, dealing with attrition rate in the sector, introducing employee centric approaches in his organisation and more.

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Beauty Industry Unaffected By Slowdown, Need To Focus On Skills: Shahnaz Hussain

"The idea behind the training program was to offer professional beauty training in keeping with international standards"

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Employees And Organisation Both Should Benefit With Each Other: Director HR, Fujitsu India

"Employees constantly look for better opportunities, but it should also be noted that this happens only when there has been a level of dissatisfaction for that employee with the organisation"

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Artificial Intelligence Driving Workforce To Data-Driven Skill Sets

The uptake of AI across multiple industries is creating ‘next generation’ jobs defined by having data skillsets at their core

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Ontological Education Is Looking Into Oneself Without Being Told What To Do

Ontological Education does not “shape leaders”, it can be an extraordinary tool for those who want to assume being a leader….even an extraordinary one

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Upskilling And Reskilling The Way Forward In Oil & Gas Sector

Diversity and inclusion are core to an energy major like Shell and are the founding premises of the company’s global theme ‘Balance means Business’. There is a concerted effort on hiring women across the whole range of skills, be it commercial, technical or corporate functions

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Human Connect Between HR And Employees Will Remain Same For Next 10 Years: HR, Philips India

Armaan Seth, Head of HR at Philips India says, “We have not been used to it in the past, but Philips now has 65 percent millennials, who prefer benefits more than take-home pay. And we realize that perhaps it's time to change"

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Ola Nurturing Entrepreneurs To Keep Employees Invested In The Company

Opportunity bed for an employee at Ola is vast and they can see their efforts and goals materialise in a shorter span of time. This kind of empowerment results in employees having a greater sense of ownership and passion for what they do

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Future Of Work Would Be Best Described As Constant 'Change'

During a crisis, the leader should focus on key stakeholders and critical stakeholder needs. Keep that at the forefront and develop an actionable plan to guide the response and hence the outcome: Shailja Dutt, Stellar Search

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