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5 Percent Of People Think Systematically: Lynda White, President, McLeod White and Associates

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Global Summit 2019 was held on April 3rd at New Delhi. It was organised by Ask Insights and BW People.

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Artificial Intelligence Should Make You Enthusiastic-Margret Regan, President And CEO, The Futurework Institute

During Diversity Equity Inclusion(DEI) Global Summit, ultimate ideas about future appeared before a huge gathering of the audience. The summit started on 3rd of April at New Delhi and was organised by Ask Insights and BW People

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Curbing Air Pollution

Exclusive interaction of Mr. Prodyut Bora, CEO, Bonphul Air Products Pvt Ltd with BW.

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Social Media Showcases Credibility

When an issue arises with the image of a company due to a customer complaint or other reason, the HR department can take to social media to reinforce the brand of the company and make sure the outcry does not get out of control and turn into a viral frenzy.

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