Krishnendra Joshi

Krishnendra has 2 years of experience in Content and Copywriting. He realised the value of persuasive writing while working with LawSikho. Writing a few marketing emails taught him that right wordings create the right impact. Reading The Boron Letters by advertising legend Gary Halbert inspired him to keep learning about the craft of writing. He does not restrict himself to legal content writing alone. He has written content for clients in the SaaS Industry and Personal development Industry. He believes in writing for multi niches to enhance his creativity and train his writing muscle.

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Levers For Crafting A Human-Centric HR Strategy

Explaining how managing people has become imperative for unleashing their true potential, Sonica Aron, Founder & CEO, Marching Sheep says every organisation has a different employee demographic.

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Employer Branding: How Tech Mahindra Endorses Company Values To Gain Competitive Edge

For every company wanting to build an employer brand, identifying unique differentiators that translate into stories holds the key, believes Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head-Marketing, Tech Mahindra. In his view, a great employer brand outperforms the others.

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Navigating the Future of Talent Management

With so many variables at play in the new normal, hiring a diversified pool of talent with diversified skills is becoming a norm.

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Mediclaim To A Govt Employee Should Not Be Disallowed Due To Non-Empanelment Of Hospital: Delhi HC

Considering the records of treatment at VIMHANS, the tribunal had earlier observed that there is no reason to refute the emergency as indicated in the certificate issued by VIMHANS and the fact that the respondent was operated on November 04, 2017, makes it clear that there was a medical emergency.

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Haryana’s Liquor Policy Now Permit The Consumption Of Alcohol At Workspace

A corporate having a minimum covered area of one lakh square feet in a single premise which may be self-owned/leased and having alteast 5000 employees shall be allowed the license in form L-10F for possession and consumption of low alcohol content drinks (i.e. RTB, Beer, Wine) by their employees on premises.

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Prof. T.V. Rao's Recommendations For Exit Planning Of Laid-off Employees

Layoff is planned recruitment says Prof. TV Rao, Chairman, TVRLS, Founder President, NHRDN, in an exclusive fireside chat with BW People.

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HR Head Lenovo India Bhavya Misra Talks HR Tech With BW People

In a fireside chat with Sugandh Bahl, Sr. Correspondent, BW People, Bhavya Misra, Director & Head of HR - India, Lenovo talks about challenges surrounding tech enablement in HR and organisational domain, the questions to ask before choosing the right tech and much more in this exclusive interview with BW People.

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Pakistan's Economic Crisis Leaves Millions Unemployed

With major sectors reporting business closures and considering that the agriculture sector was hit hard by last year's floods, the road to economic recovery and simultaneous employment generation seems tough for Pakistan. The gap in demand and supply in Pakistan's employable youth adds to the woes.

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How AI Will Change The Future Of Compliance?

Experts are mostly bullish about adopting tech and AI and the potential it holds for reimaging the compliance function. However, decision-making is subject to the availability of substantial data and an uncertain future.

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HR Tech: A Manager's Tool To Drive Strategic Business Success

HR tech is a big opportunity for HR leaders and a gateway to informed business decision making say, experts.

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