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Himani Chandna is a Senior Special Correspondent at BW Businessworld covering issues around pharmaceuticals, healthcare, job market, talent acquisition and management of human resources

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Godrej's anti-harassment policies are gender neutral: Parmesh Shahani

They really understood what a struggle it must be for LGBT people in India and promised me that if their children came out as LGBT, they would completely support them.

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Artificial Intelligence plays key role in Talent Management

Millennials have grown up freedom & choice while Gen X was raised with hardship and prudence, which is why they value stability over speed.

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Recruiters Question Govt’s Claim Over Creation Of 70 Lakh Jobs

“Formalisation of jobs from unorganized sector to organized sector should not be treated as job creation. Even in this budget, there appears no clear direction on expenditure for creating jobs and this might stay as a declaration only,” said Subramanyam, CEO of Ascent HR, a recruitment and staffing firm

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2 Lakh Job Openings To Come Up Immediately

FM with his budget has once again reiterated that the creation of job opportunities has been at the core of policy-making

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"I'm a Leader Who Happens To Be a Woman"

Today, 30 per cent of our workforce are women, 50 per cent of our new hire are women and they get promoted into next assignments at the same progression as men.

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70 Lakh Jobs To Be Created This Year: Arun Jaitley

The government believes that the policy measures taken over the last three years have started showing results

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“Employer is the Colour that Stays With You”

The opportunity to make an impact has always excited me, and in an evolution sense, I have been lucky with assignments that have challenged me at various stages, and through different contexts.

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I'm Not Classical CIO In True Sense

Microsoft was kind of my return to define the future of technology whereas Accenture was defining & solving unique, diverse problems.chief information officer is neither a magician nor a pied-piper.

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We're a Startup With a 125-Year Old Legacy

30% of the global leadership team of our CEO Eric Rondolat are Indian. They are multifaceted, agile and adaptive besides being eager to embrace challenges.

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HR Policies Can't Be Rigid or of An Earlier Era: Sunil Kant Munjal

My father never carried any bitterness inside about the past struggles; he saw his many challenges as crucial building blocks.In the companies that I know of, or have worked with, most family members are mentored or groomed by a senior in the beginning; there is no short cut.

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