Amisha Sharma

The author is a Trainee Correspondent at BW Businessworld

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Workplace Evolution: Experts Navigate Paradigm Shift In Design & Utilisation

The discussions spotlight evolving landscapes, including individual expectations, post-pandemic considerations, financial perspectives and the integration of technology, all shaping the future of work environments

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Industry Experts Highlight Key Rules for Employee Engagement and Well-being

Creating a positive work environment through discipline, agility, and employee-centric policies holds the key.

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Improving Accessibility And Inclusion At Workplaces

Companies that prioritise disability inclusion and hiring employees with disabilities tend to have 28 per cent higher revenue and double the net income of their industry peers, according to a 2020 study by Accenture

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Talent Is Intangible Asset In Any Organisation

"If the corporations take care of around 20 per cent of the top talent then the company has nothing to worry about"

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