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Data science companies are increasingly prioritising career pathing along with their L&D programs to attract as well as retain talent with niche skill-sets


Learning & Development is now a significant component of hiring, especially as candidates increasingly consider the kind of growth-oriented programs that potential employers provide. Data science companies are increasingly prioritising career pathing along with their L&D programs to attract as well as retain talent with niche skill-sets. We chat with Saurabh Upadhyay, Chief People Officer, Tredence to further understand this phenomenon:

1. What is your use of career pathing within an organization?

Career pathing is an essential part of our organizational development and growth process. We believe in giving employees the freedom and support to decide their career trajectories. Managers and mentors coach team members to create personalized development plans based on their career choices. We have processes like internal job portals and job rotations that provide the opportunity to progress. Comprehensive plans help people upgrade their skills and prepare for their chosen careers. This approach gives employees greater control over their careers, creating an atmosphere of growth and development at all levels.

2. Why has there been an interest or investment in this initiative?

Organizations worldwide are investing in career pathing to create an engaged, satisfied workforce. They nurture and retain their talent, allowing employees to develop skills, grow within the company, and

increase productivity. Providing growth opportunities enhances employee engagement and offers pathways to success. This enables the organization to meet its long-term capability and skill requirements while making employees feel valued. Moreover, the organization ensures employees absorb its practices, creating teams that work well and succeed together, leading to positive long-term growth.

3. What are some benefits for employees and the organization?

Career pathing is an invaluable tool for employees and organizations alike. It provides progression paths for employees who wish to advance their careers and allows them to structure their development and hone specific skills. This significantly improves job satisfaction, enhances employability, and provides a daily source of fulfillment. In addition, career pathing initiatives demonstrate organizational commitment to employee growth, leading to higher motivation, retention, and engagement, a win-win situation; allowing individuals to carve their career paths expands skills and organizational knowledge, strengthening overall capability. This is critical in a competitive market for top talent.

4. Given that perspectives and motivations may vary across generations, how are today's leaders catering to and empowering their inter-generational personnel?

Today's organizations recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. Instead, individual career development plans help identify specific needs and ensure each generation and each employee gets the training needed to succeed.

5. What sort of lead programs attract the most talent?

A well-rounded learning and development program is essential to attract top talent. A trifecta approach casts a wide net:

1. Skills-building opportunities are fundamental to any successful program, supporting long-term career progression.

2. Programs should focus on building managerial skills so leaders can put theory into practice, including programs for first-time managers and leadership strategies.

3. Domain knowledge programs are essential to stay atop the latest industry trends.

All these elements form an attractive leadership program that draws talented individuals.

6. What does Tredence do differently to attract and retain the workforce?

Tredence is known for its commitment to learning and development. It emphasizes opportunities for growth and development for talented employees as an important part of its business model. The success of customer projects depends on the project team's capability: The more capable and trained the workforce, the better the customer outcomes, leading to a direct impact on revenue and growth.

Further, Tredence offers multiple skill-building and training opportunities through its You Learn We Pay program, free Udemy License, customized surgical skill training, managerial and leadership programs, and Alchemy & Gateway programs for Freshers. Employees benefit from a continuous process of growth and development. In a modern, fast-paced industry like ours, capability building is imperative for the success of our people and organization.

7. What is the impact of the above practices on employee experience and engagement?

Our practices have positively impacted employee engagement and experience. Enhanced expertise benefits employees and the clients they serve. Long-term employability has also improved because employees walk away with greater value from the organization.

8. What future innovations are you planning to bring into your L&D programs to ensure its relevance in helping to create value and upskill employees?

We are committed to integrating innovative technologies into our L&D programs. Our strategy is to embed new skills to continuously optimize operations and ensure relevance.

The ACE (Advisor, Coach/Captain, and Entrepreneur) framework is a powerful model that defines our culture. Every Tredencian acts as an Advisor, Coach/Captain, and Entrepreneur. To support the smooth integration of new hires, we're developing comprehensive onboarding to help new employees assimilate and understand our values and culture. We also offer self-directed learning through online platforms and enrich current leadership programs through our learning management system. With these exciting new offerings in motion, we're laying the groundwork for long-term success and developing employees' lifelong skill sets.

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