"Retaining Top Talent Through Quiet Hiring Is Key Trend"

As 2023 comes to an end, Soma Pandey, Chief Human Resources Officer at Tredence shares the major HR trends & transformations in the IT industry


The world of human resources is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by the changing expectations of employees and the rise of AI. To stay ahead of the curve in 2024 and beyond, HR professionals must be proactive in shaping the future of their field. One of the most significant trends is the rise of hybrid work, which combines the flexibility of remote work with the benefits of in-office collaboration. However, this arrangement continues to pose challenges for employee engagement, culture building, and overall well-being. HR must focus on ensuring that managers are equipped to manage in a hybrid environment and that there are ample opportunities for employees to connect professionally as well as have fun together. Another key trend going into 2024 is the growing emphasis on retaining top talent through internal development and promotion. 'Quiet Hiring' signals that companies are recognising the value of loyalty and are willing to invest in their employees' long-term careers. HR should double down on this trend and create win-win opportunities for employees to develop and advance within the organisation.

The advent of AI is transforming client expectations from the analytics sector. For analytics companies to mature into the strategic partners clients now seek, their HR will have to hire and train culturally and functionally diverse teams that bring fresh perspectives. Diversity and ESG are also key determinants for Gen Z applicants and HR should continue to collaborate with the business to ensure there are sound policies and execution on these fronts.

In addition, HR will also be using far more AI in their own processes and must stay up to date on the latest ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in their space. This includes ensuring that HR teams are trained to use AI models and interpret the results in a fair and unbiased manner without compromising employee privacy. To tackle these challenges, HR teams of analytics companies can tap into deep in-house AI expertise.

With robust talent strategies and well-tested AI frameworks in place, HR can help their organisations advance to the forefront of the AI and analytics sector and partner with clients as strategic advisors.


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