WorkIndia Uses A New Technology To Mitigate Fraud In Job Openings

Making effective use of a three-thronged technology-enabled system, WorkIndia is aiming at zero percent of misleading job postings


WorkIndia, India’s largest blue and gray-collar job portal, has implemented a three-pronged filtration to mitigate fraud job openings for the blue collared applicants. The robust filters applied, and structure built have ensured a minimal 3% of fraudulent job openings present on the platform compared to other platforms provided gig jobs with a minimum of 30% difference. The platform aims at zero percent of misleading job postings.

The organization has built the structure with Business Rule Management Systems, Profanity Filters, and a ‘Proprietary’ Graph Connectivity Engine to control the rising cases of fraudulent, vulgar jobs and job brokers respectively to protect genuine job seekers from scams. While fraudulent cases are prevalent in white collared jobs, due to the low literacy rates the cases in the blue-collared job sectors are higher. Such cases dent the confidence of a genuine candidate, additionally increasing the threat to the ecosystem.

The Business Rule Management Systems helps identify fake jobs based on patterns developed over 5 years of knowledge base, it categorizes the basis of the jobs to accept, reject, or uncertain decisions. The Profanity filter helps in text analysis with Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Machine Learning. The filter helps identify words with any innuendo like massage, models required, physical favors, or prostitution jobs. Graph-Connectivity Proprietary Engine that extends Proprietary Technology is utilizing “Nth-Level” Connectivity for Filtering Job Brokers that lessen the cases of phony openings seeking monetary benefits in exchange for jobs. The Matching Technology System aids in promoting relevant and authentic job openings based on Geo-positioning, user eligibility, and user behavior aligning the needs of the seekers and employers.

Commenting on the same, Moiz Arsiwala, Co-founder and CTO, WorkIndia said, “WorkIndia has set a high standard of eliminating any incident of candidates being tempted or persuaded into a fake job interview. One of our main objectives is to safeguard the interest of both employers and job seekers, and with our advanced technologies, we have ensured maximum protection from such threats to the candidates and will continue to do so.”

The platform has maintained a robust record rate of 64% of total applicants connecting with the relevant job employers and 2/3 of which successfully converted the interview into an authentic job offer. The WorkIndia platform is engineered to provide speed for job seekers and ease for employers while guaranteeing authenticity for both.

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