Women, Work From Home & Time Management

During the existing pandemic, managing time for them becomes need of the hour. A structurally defined time management technique can solve a lot of challenges that come in way of these hardworking ladies.


As roads lay bare, chirping birds are being heard from a distance and trees are blooming in full glory. The decreased human activity coupled with nation-wide lockdown has greatly impacted nature in positive ways. But what about those who have to take care of home as well as work from own dwelling?

A large fraction of Indian industries has, as primary response against the virus, obliged to the guidelines issued by nodal health agencies and have mandated their employees to work from home. With several employees working from home for the first time, working women find themselves at crossroads with work and home and a multitude of things in between ranging from being a mother, an entrepreneur, or a leader. Adapting to a new routine has pushed them out of their comfort zones leading to higher stress levels.

In simpler terms, women during corona are facing tougher challenges at home and work fronts and are trying to be the best at both fronts. This may sound extremely difficult, yet it’s actually happening. And, they are executing both their job roles with utmost sincerity, dedication and zeal maintaining a perfect blend of work and life.

The challenges faced by working women are endless and arguably, she has more responsibilities to handle other than domestic chores. During the existing pandemic, managing time for them becomes need of the hour. A structurally defined time management technique can solve a lot of challenges that come in way of these hardworking ladies.

It is more than important that every working woman prioritize each work every day and synchronize home and office workloads. To better manage time, working woman should follow the below mentioned tips.

Rise up early morning: Waking up early will not only help you keep fit, but will also provide you with more time so that you can prioritize your work. You get extra time to contemplate how to start with the assigned work and how to execute it to eventually finish it by day’s end.

Create a memorandum for weekend chores: It is better to create a note of all tasks and chores that needs to be carried out during the weekend. List down all that you remember through the weekdays regarding things to perform in the weekend.

Keep daily chores and office work separate: While working from home, you need to keep away all your home concerns and vice-versa. Be firmly determined while focusing towards office work similarly, while managing household work, make sure that you don’t think about office work doing so, would mean dampening up the spirit of home and life.

Take care of your physical and psychological health: During difficult times like this, it is more than important to support your mental and physical well-being. Due to the dramatic changes and prevailing uncertainties, it has been difficult and strange time for everybody, so changes to routine and anxiety are a normal response to the circumstances this has led many people to slip into depression. Similarly, COVID related changes have led to very less physical activity and closure of gyms and parks due to which certain health issues are on rise. This calls for people to be extra cautious and take care of their physical and mental health.

Practice and master multi-tasking: Try to present highest productivity each day. While you are on a specific activity which can get done on itself, do not just sit idle and wait for it to complete, rather, make use of the intervening time in doing some other work.

Preplan: Make plans for the next day, while you are taking rest in the evening or before going to bed. Pre-planning about next day’s meals and/or attire will give you a sense of fulfillment and will save a bit of your time and energy. Also prior planning will enable you to prearrange things that you will be needing. This will enable you to avoid last minute decisions. This will also, effectively manage your time which you would have had otherwise spent on numerous thoughts arising before reaching to a conclusion.

Team up for daily chores: Working women have to deal with office work as well as daily chores. During these times when everyone’s home, a lot of work needs to be taken care specially by the lady of the house. At this juncture, it becomes wise to distribute your daily chores among your family members. This would not only get work done on time, but would also strengthen the familial bond.

Learn to say no: While working from home, there may be instances when you might have to, depending on the needs, complete an official work at non-office hours or execute a household chore during office hours this needs to stop. Learn to say no at both fronts so that you can not only manage office but house hold chores too.

Keep track of deadlines: While working from home, it is of prime importance to keep track of your deadlines, meetings, client calls etc. and not let household chores involve you so much that you lose track of your responsibilities as a professional. Promptly respond to emails, keep track of scheduled meetings and etc.

In conclusion, it can be stated that during these time of the pandemic, when more than 75% of professionals are working from home, working women face the heat as have to deliver at both- professional and personal front, while this may be challenging, prioritizing everyday chores and thoughtful time management can provide pleasurable experience as a household manager and a professional. As uncertain times like this tend to make an environment of gloom, despair and stress, a perfect blend of the work-life balance can help celebrate every aspect of life, from being a business leader to a mother.

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