Women Score Higher Than Men In Workplace In India: Reports

The data shows that twice as many females excel in coaching and mentoring capabilities as compared to men.


SCIKEY research show that 6.56 per cent of female professionals excel in organizational development and coaching talent as compared with 3.26 per cent of men professionals. The data shows that twice as many females excel in coaching and mentoring capabilities as compared to men. This is mainly attributed to women’s capability to nurture and connect emotionally with their colleagues and peers.  

Additionally, female bosses are not only more likely than male managers to encourage their subordinates' development, but they're also more inclined than their male counterparts to check in frequently on their employees' progress. Since women bosses tend to train their juniors better, employees who work for female bosses outscore those who work for male bosses.  

In other findings, the SCIKEY Research also reveled that women can be equally or more effective as men in negotiations when bargaining opposite one another. The study reveals 1.37 per cent women are good negotiators as compared to 1.11 per cent men. The behavioral trait shows that women are better negotiators than men because they use their wider social knowledge to negotiate along with the hard data to back the negotiation that men are usually not exposed to (social experience).  

Our research reveals that female professionals (6.67 per cent) have high conflict management ability as compared to male professionals (4.96 per cent). This is attributed to women’s ability to understand the reason for conflict because of the because of the social experience and exposure both at workplace and family, they connect better with others and find creative outcomes simultaneously. On the other hand, the study also reveals that 6.15 per cent of both women and men are instruction takers and may not be good as managers.    

The study reveals that both men and women seem to have low emotional resilience. The study revealed that 16.8 per cent women in the workforce are emotionally unstable as compared to 14.7 per cent men. In the experience range of 0-2 years, it was found, that 6 out of 10 women in the industry were facing emotional stress as compared to 4 out of 10 men. With an increase in the experience these numbers increased to almost 8 out of 10 women being emotionally stressed as compared to 3 out of 10 men. While we do not have a conclusive reason for this, but it cannot be denied that the juggling of family responsibilities and work has never been easier for women and is bound to take a toll on their emotional stability. This lack of solid emotional well-being often makes women more prone to stress, loss of productivity and unhealthy family life.   

These are the findings of the research analysis on 'Women in the Workplace in India’ conducted by SCIKEY, a talent life-cycle management venture. The report is based on insights from 5,388 respondents with an equal proportion of female to male ratio in India with an experience level from zero to over twenty years of experience. These mainly include IT professionals between the age group of 22 to 47 from states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana and West Bengal. The SCIKEY Research Report has been derived from the SCIKEY MindMatch Algorithm. This algorithm can map a professional's mindset that is based on a set of questions that understand the individual's emotional quotient, ego filters, aspirations and belief levels, habits and the ecosystem disturbances that cause distractions and stress in a professional’s life. This data is further filtered to derive professional behavioural elements of any individual and is termed as 'Mindset Map'.  

Alok Kumar, Managing Partner, SCIKEY said, "The gender diversity gap must be bridged with female professionals as data suggests women excels over men in various behavioral capabilities. Companies should look at hiring more female workforce for the next level of growth for their company.”   


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