Winning Stroke: Interview with Sushant Puri, Co-Founder, ANS Commerce

During the conversation, Sushant Puri disclosed the best strategy he uses is to stay humble and patient with people no matter what in both personal and professional life.


If not in the current profession, you would be?

I would be a music producer. I have a passion for music.

One tune you always hum?

I am always humming Wake Me Up by Avicii. It’s an amazing song!

One book to read when you want to motivate yourself?

I like to read Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the way this book explains the process of creativity!

One dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most?

“Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up” – from The karate kid!

The place you have never been to and always want to go?

I have never been to Madagascar. It’s my dream destination!

An animal that signifies you & why?

Tiger – It’s analytical, tactical, and energetic! These attributes are what I believe define me the best.

A Movie Character you most resemble or resonate with? 

Mark Watney from The Martian

If your life was to be turned into a movie, who would you like to play your part? 

Keanu Reeves, no one else!

Luck or Hard Work, what do you think weighs more in defining a successful person?

I believe hard work can help you to lead a successful life. So for me, it will always be hard work.

One best decision you ever made?

The best decision I have ever made is choosing the right set of people while building a good work culture.

A strategy that you always use to make your decisions in Personal or Professional life?

You should always be humble and patient with people no matter what. That’s the best strategy I use to make decisions both in my personal and professional life.

Whose advice do you seek when in a dilemma?

I have a few mentors and close ones who help me when I am in a dilemma.

What has been your biggest achievement?

Entrepreneurship and my passion for music would definitely be the two biggest achievements in my life.

One thing that you want to change in yourself?

I am a kind of person who loves to experiment a lot and try to do multiple things all at once. But I believe that it’s important if you stick to one thing and follow it.

A line said by your closed one that you never forget?

When I was thinking to start my own business, my mom and dad told me that do whatever you like but make sure that you don’t do anything wrong. If you are employing people, make sure you build a strong work culture and give people good working environment.

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