Winning Stroke: Interview with Nicholas Böhnlein, Co-Founder, COO and CMO, Aiisma

Nicholas Böhnlein believes in very hard work. In his opinion, hard work brings its own kind of luck, as there is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs


1) If not in the current Profession, You would be?

Looking into the world of biohacking. I have always been a fitness enthusiast and fascinated how food, sports and technology can change the body in different ways. 

2) One tune you always hum?

Disclaimer: My sense for musical rhythm is in all honesty not that great :D. So, instead of humming I love listening to rap music and one artist I always circle back to is Eminem.

3) One Book to read when you want to motivate yourselves?

Relentless – From Good To Great To Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover. A great addition to any start-up founder’s library!

4) One Dialogue of a movie that motivates you or you like the most?

As I am a strong believer of “walking the talk”, I love the scene in the movie Matrix, when Morpheus gives Neo the choice:

 This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

5) The Place you never been to and always want to go?

I would want to go to space and see planet earth, maybe with our next start-up ;)

6) An animal that signifies you & why?

A hawk, as I pay a lot of attention to details and always know what’s going on around me.

7) A Movie Character you most resemble or resonate with?

My favorite movie character is the incredible Hulk, as on one hand he is super smart and on the contrary almost completely invulnerable.

8) Choose one from each below :     

a) Marvel or DC


b) Batman or Superman


c) Tom or Jerry


d) Chacha Chaudhary or Super Commando Dhruv

 Super Commando Dhruv

9) If your life was to be turned into a movie who would you like to play your part?

Matthew Mcconaughey

10) Luck or Hard Work, What do you think weighs more in defining a successful Person?

 I believe in very hard work. In my opinion hard work brings its own kind of luck, as there is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs!

11) One best decision you ever made?

When I was 21 years old, I moved the week after completing my undergrad from Switzerland to the UAE to work on my first start-up. Having experienced not only one, but a couple of failures along the journey, I remember that my dad always told me on the phone: “Well, you can always come back home…”. Knowing that I am too eager to accept failure I stayed, which was the best decision I took as I would have missed out on so many opportunities, including Aiisma and moving to India.

12) A strategy that you always use to take your decisions in Personal or Professional life?

I always try to circle back to the starting point of the situation, in order look at the big picture. This helps me in creating a mental roadmap identifying where I want to go and what the fastest and best way forward is.

13) Whose advise you seek when in dilemma?

 Depending on the situation, I either approach my dad, Ankit (my business partner) or Dr. Tony (a close family friend).

14) What has been your biggest achievement?

 At times I feel that when you run a start-up every step forward feels like the biggest achievement, as the entire world just evolves around growing and moving forward. A personal achievement I am proud of is when I received the trophy as the best goalkeeper at the Under18 field hockey European Championship in Italy, as I prepared very hard for this tournament.

15) One thing that you want to change in yourself?

 To be less stubborn (at times… ;)

16) A line said by your closed one that you never forget?

By my dad: “Old bread is not hard, but no bread at all is hard.” It’s a direct translation from Swiss German and a line which has been with me throughout my journey.


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