What Can Increase Your Employee Happiness Scores

In times like today when each day of health and existence is a blessing, one of the securities that people are looking for is ‘secure health’.


Hiring great talent and retaining them is pretty much all HR Heads’ goal, all founders’ directive.

But how does it happen? Is it the free snack at 5 pm or a good increment this year? The base line is what can keep people happy?

Happiness is a fluid term that changes with the macro & micro environments around us. It changes with personal context. In short, there is no formula to collective happiness.

But we can try, try as HR managers and leaders to genuinely try to ‘give’ to our teams.

And ‘giving’ is not always monetary only. It is an approach to provide mental security, emotional pride and larger purpose to our teams that makes them happy to be working where they are.

In times like today when each day of health and existence is a blessing, one of the securities that people are looking for is ‘secure health’. This makes it important for SMEs, start-ups and corporates to choose the best Group Medical Cover for their employees that will protect against illnesses and diseases including the novel coronavirus.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best group insurance policy for your employees:

- Check the sum assured: The whole purpose of an insurance is to be of financial aid when necessary and considering the medical inflation, the expenses for hospitalisations and other procedures are increasing. This is why a higher sum insured can be of solace for the employees. Typically, a group health insurance will provide you with a base cover that covers for accidental hospitalization and treatments for specific diseases. So, for an increased sum insured pay extra premium so that when the employees claim, it will cover for all the expenses.

- Flexible policy: In some cases, the group health insurance coverage can be extended to the employee’s family members. What can be more supporting than covering for the employee’s close family along with the group policy? Choose an insurance provider who offers cover for employees, employees with spouse and kids, employees with spouse, kids and parents. Insurance that provides cover for the employee’s family is an added sense of security and can boost employee’s trust. Also, it needn’t always be paid for by the employer, there are insurers who give employees and option to add members of their families over the coverage provided by the employer.

- Top-up the policy: Different employees will need different type of coverage. Adding additional top-up covers along with the existing group cover will help them with an increased aum insured and additional benefits. Maternity benefit with new-born baby cover is a protection most young professionals look for. This add-on can be helpful in covering the child delivery expenses of the employee or their spouse. In some cases it will also cover for expenses in case of an infertility treatment or medically necessary terminations.

- Options to refill sum insured: Medical expenses are unpredictable. What happens if you exhaust the sum insured before the renewal period of the policy? Generally, you will not be able to make any claims for the remaining policy period. To make sure your employees do not have to worry about the sum insured, choose insurance from players who offer the benefit of choosing to refill the sum insured if it gets used up.

- Flexible payment options: There is nothing more convenient than getting flexible payment options while making a claim. Even though reimbursements are still used by many people, cashless claims are easier and faster. Choosing an insurance provider who offers cashless claims through a wide network of hospitals spread across India is important.

- Post-hospitalisation benefit: Usually, all your hospitalisation charges are covered in the group health cover policy, but the post-hospitalisations expenses related to the illness always an added concern. Benefits like post-hospitalisation lumpsum offered by new-age insurance players cover your employees from post hospitalisation expenses like diagnostic charges, consulting fees and medicine cost so that the employees do not have to worry about the bills or receipts later.

- Daily hospital cash cover: When there is a case of hospitalisation, the expenses are not restricted to the hospital bills, which can be overwhelming for many young employees. However, a hospital cash cover will help here, as it offers a lump sum amount daily that can be used by the employee or their dependents for needs like travelling or food.

- Tech adoption: The pandemic has made everything digital-first. With the technological advancements available in different industries, people prefer easy and hassle-free processes for everything. Hence, they look for an insurance provider who offers paperless and easy-to-understand products to buy a group health insurance plan or make claims.

- Annual health check-up: This is more of a good to have, provided by some insurers, covering some basic tests or a fixed amount for tests that employees can undertake.

Offering health insurance is one of the most appropriate and simplest forms of insuring security to our employees, so choose wise.

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