Upskilling the current workforce and preparing the future workforce

The basic and the only thing which I would like to change in the workforce quality would be UpSkilling says Sudhakar Reddy- Executive Director, Nirvedha.


Q1. 3 operational key features of Nirvedha?

Ans: - Three Key Operational Features of Nirvedha which sets us apart from other Coaching Organizations are:
1. Our Coaches are "Been There Done That" and from the core Business Side of the Industry who had lead larger Teams at a Global level and ran multi Million $ Business Units, which gives them an edge to understand the Coachee point of view and set the right context for Coaching Journey.

2. We are Agile and Embrace Technology and the latest Tools to simplify our Coachees supposed to be the complex view of life.

3. Our simple yet result oriented operational structure enables coachee onboarding smoother and efficient right from the 1st Session.

Q2. Why India's workforce needs to upskills?

Ans: As per the latest India Skills Report 2018 by Wheebox only 45.6% of students who are passed out are employable; this statistics gives us the grim picture which we are glaring at. Added to this, the evergrowing usage of technology across Industries is changing the landscape and the skill sets needed to deliver the tasks. Our education system is churning out future employees with past curriculum, and this needs a serious attention.

We are adding 54.4% of unemployable youth every year; this would have a cascading effect to the overall employability index. The only solution to this mammoth problem is upskilling the present workforce and preparing the future workforce keeping in view the requirements and Technology advancements of future.

Q3. How to ensure employee Productivity?

Ans: In my Coaching career this is one of the key Goals for most of my Coachees who are either struggling with or looking for innovative ways. Having spent 00's of coaching hours with my coaches on this topic, according to me the following would be some strategies to improve Employee Productivity:

1. Spending substantial time on giving Feed forward than Feedback and staying focused on Organizational Goals.

2. Identifying the employees with the right values while recruiting which resonates with the Organizational values.

3. Mapping the Skills of employees with the right work and making continuous Training/Upskilling of employees an essential part of Organizational Goal.

4. Preparing future leaders by the right delegation of work across levels.

5. An undiluted focus at the future with the timely and right communication to employees

6. Creating an Empathetic work culture and encouraging each individual employee to work on their Emotional Quotient

Q4. What steps can be taken to enhance the employ skills in the country?

Ans: Skill India initiative by Indian Government is a great Initiative if executed as per the plan. According to me if the following steps are taken they can enhance the overall employability:

1. Developing a Lifelong Learning culture across as the rapid advancements in Technology and its adaptation across Domains makes past working practices redundant.

2. A pledge by the Policy makers and Bureaucrats to make Skill Development a key Indicator of performance.

3. To democratize the reach of formal training and skill building by using Online platforms like MOOCs. Govt. may work and collaborate with premier Indian institutes to roll out courses to host on MOOCs to bring down the cost substantially.

Q5. According to you, how has technology become the right hand of the HR industry?

Ans: I couldn't imagine HR Industry without Technology (for that matter any Industry), as it has brought in, efficiencies by leaps and bounds. Some key areas where I feel it has become a right hand to HR Industry are:

1. End to end Recruitment process

2. Performance Management

3. Better Employee Engagement

4. Compensation reviews on a regular basis

Q6. What is that one thing you would like to change in the workforce quality?

The basic and the only thing which I would like to change in the workforce quality would be UpSkilling i.e. Right Skilling and make continuous skilling an inherent value of each individual present employ and future employ.

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