Unhappy With Your Appraisal? These Sectors Have The Highest Job Prospects

As more professionals acquire the skills to fulfill the increasing tech-centric job roles, demand in the education sector is likely to increase further


Job creation in the education industry registers an upswing 

Analyzing the top 5 industries creating jobs in the country, job portal has found that the education/training sector has witnessed considerable traction as compared to last year. It had entered the Top 10 list only last year and this year it has maintained a solid standing in the Top 5 job-creating industry list since April 2019. Since several tech-backed educational start-ups are entering the fray, a lot of new, high-value jobs are being created in the sector.

Professionals across the country are also upskilling/reskilling themselves to take up more challenging roles in the industry. As more professionals acquire the skills to fulfill the increasing tech-centric job roles, demand in the education sector is likely to increase further.

Apart from education, the other industries that have consistently remained on the top 5 list of job creators include banking/financial institutions and BPO/call center. These two industries remain significant contributors to the economy and are absorbing huge numbers of professionals.

Medical/healthcare, hotel/restaurant, and aviation/airlines have constantly remained in the top 10 list throughout 2019. While in the past few months, the aviation/airline industry has witnessed some fluctuation, it is now recovering and showing a positive sentiment in terms of job creation.  

The top two job-creating industries – IT/software and manufacturing - have remained consistent since April 2019. Large-scale development and adoption of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and IoT have given a significant fillip to the IT industry.

Other industries that have made it to July 2019’s top 10 list include management consulting and engineering/construction. Sectors that have witnessed a slowdown in job creation in July 2019 include NBFC and medical/healthcare.

Gurugram beats Delhi in terms of job growth

The report has also focused on the cities that have shown promising growth in terms of job creation. Cities such as Kolkata and Ahmedabad have witnessed significant growth and have made it to the top 10 list. While Delhi and Pune have witnessed a slight slowdown, it is noteworthy that Gurugram has moved ahead of Delhi in terms of jobs creation.  

Since many organizations across industries are establishing their presence in the fast-paced city of Gurugram, this accelerated growth comes as no surprise. Professionals, especially millennials, are also shifting base to Gurugram for better job opportunities. In this scenario, the jobs landscape in the city is heading towards growth in the months to come.

Zairus Master, CEO,, said, “The growth trend across industries is quite promising for both organizations and professionals operating within them.  The information we have mapped makes it clear that numerous jobs are being created in service-oriented sectors such as IT, banking, education and more. We expect this to guide job seekers as this is the month when many of them are looking for a change and if they are switching industries or thinking of a more serious change like changing their functional area or city entirely, this Jobs Report can help them decide which sectors, functions, and cities can give them more career growth.” he added.

Quality testing gaining ground as a job-creating functional area

The top 5 functional areas that have witnessed job creation growth in 2019 are IT/software, sales/BD, product/maintenance, quality/testing and customer service/back-office operations. Zooming in, one can find that quality/testing has been consistently moving up and has grown in the past month also, taking the place of customer service as the 4th largest job creator in July 2019. This is positive news for all the QA testers who are today looking for a job change.

Other functional areas that have made it to the top 10 list of job-creating functional areas include finance/accounts, hotel/restaurant, travel/aviation, marketing/advertising/PR, and education/training.

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