Travel Sector Witnesses 87% Spike In Job Applications

The sector has witnessed a 5% rise in job seekers and an 11% increase in job opportunities as compared to the last year


In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, the travel industry has not only weathered the storm but has seen a remarkable upswing as per the data released by WorkIndia. The sector has witnessed a 5 per cent rise in job seekers and an 11 per cent increase in job opportunities as compared to the last year. The report explores the demographics, city preferences, and the link between job availability and candidate interest in the travel sector, focusing on roles that are high in demand such as chef, driver, receptionist.

The industry observed an increase of 87.32 per cent job applications between the age of 18-30 years. This showcases a significant interest from younger individuals, indicating a graph for maximum career growth in the industry.

Tier 1 cities stand out as the most preferred destination, attracting 63.21 per cent of job applicants. Delhi (31.78%), Mumbai (27.21%), Bengaluru (9.48%) take the lead in job availability, suggesting that younger applicants are drawn to these cities, due to the advantages and opportunities they provide.

The job applications for a chef are the highest in Tier 1 cities at 68.00 per cent with Delhi leading at 33.18 per cent. This highlights promising opportunities for both candidates and employers in this specific location.

Mumbai and Bengaluru lead in job opportunities for drivers with 65.26 per cent applicants in the sector due to their economic activity, urban infrastructure, corporate presence, and high population density. The specific factors contributing to this percentage include diverse industries, bustling corporate environments, and a significant demand for transportation services.

Hotel management candidates favour Tier 1 cities (54.20%), especially Mumbai (26.64%), but jobs are distributed evenly, offering significant prospects in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. This creates a balanced landscape for job seekers and employers.

Receptionists prefer Tier 1 cities (62.41%), aligning well with job availability at 68.22 per cent. This creates a favourable landscape for both job seekers and employers.

The report signifies the resilience and growth of the travel industry. With increased interest from a younger demographic and a strong preference for opportunities in Tier 1 cities, stakeholders can navigate recruitment challenges and capitalise on emerging trends for organisational growth.

Commenting on the same, Nilesh Dungarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkIndia stated, “As India's economy expands, we see many opportunities for growth in the travel industry. With the increased spending capacity of today’s youth, they are choosing to use their extra income for extended travel, resulting in a noticeable increase in the industry. This creates more job openings for the youth and emphasizes how crucial the travel sector is in boosting our economic well-being.”

The focus on blue-collar workers in the travel industry, with more job prospects than in other sectors, suggests a positive employment landscape. Geographically, Tier 1 cities are central, drawing most candidates, with specific attention to preferences in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

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