Totality Of Ecosystem Will Define Future Workplaces: Sriram Khattar, MD, DLF

Employees spend a better part of their working time in office space and would like to feel safe, comfortable, with all the required amenities


Workplace trends in India have evolved significantly over the last five or seven years. Sriram Khattar, MD, DLF said, “A situation where one had a fixed desk would come to work and go back, has now evolved into more a comprehensive ecosystem where the employees would like to work, interact and network, but a larger office project includes a fair amount of entertainment, food, and beverages, including medical facilities and transport facilities for a comfortable experience. 

Employees spend a better part of their working time in office space and would like to feel safe, comfortable, with all the required amenities. Keeping this growing relevance of workplace culture in mind, the first of its kind conclave on workplaces called The Workplace Trends Conclave is all set to be hosted on 15th November at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

Sriram Khattar adds, “The upcoming conclave is a good milestone for the development of workspaces in India. Though it keeps happening in the developed economies, it will bring in international experience and domestic experience together with the designers to think of what is happening internationally and with what can be done to India.” 

In the context of the future of work in India, workplaces in India or globally will continue to have a lot of importance. There is a trend that is happening towards people working from home, but the basic concept of a workplace will always be there because a person needs to get out of a certain domestic environment and interact with people to be able to bring about the best in terms of creativity and output.

Sriram Khattar expressed pleasure that this conflict will bring about thought leadership but also said what is most important is to try and create a balance between the cost of creation and the ability of people to pay. “I would be very pleased if this conclave can focus on how we can not only bring in the trends from the west but give it the Asian values and still do it at an affordable cost.” 

Talking about the future of workspaces in India, he said “I think what will define the future of workplaces in India would be the totality of the ecosystem. I think three or four trends will become very important. First that people should feel very safe in the buildings. Second, they should realise that these buildings are based on sustainable technology. Third, they would like a full ecosystem so that they have an urban infrastructure in terms of transportation. And lastly, a place where they can go out during their breaks and eat, or buy groceries including medical support which they would need.”

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