Top 5 Job Roles In Demand For Freshers: TeamLease Edtech Report 2022

The report is intended to guide freshers and provide information on what to expect during the July–December 2022 period from a job search perspective


The world is seeing a new normal; the disruption initiated by automation and digitalisation saw rapid acceleration during the pandemic. Most businesses are in the process of tuning their strategies for the new world of organizations. The economy seems to be getting stronger by the day and employers exude confidence in their businesses.

Career Outlook Report by TeamLease Edtech report is intended to guide freshers and provide information on what to expect during the July–December 2022 period from a job search perspective. TeamLease EdTech Career Report HY2 is based on 865 businesses ranging from small, medium, and large enterprises in India’s manufacturing, services, and technology sectors. 

This half-yearly report also reveals top 5 job roles in demand for freshers and associated skills related to that job role as mentioned below - 


  1. Affiliate Marketing Specialist - Today the affiliate marketing industry is evolving like never before. The major role of the affiliate marketing specialist is to build, develop and strengthen relationships between advertisers or vendors and affiliates. The associated skills that play a pivotal role are content management system (CMS,) social media management and digital marketing.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer-  SRE incorporates software engineering techniques clubbed with IT engineering practices to build highly reliable systems. The role of Site reliability engineers is to look after the reliability of the full stack, from the front-end, customer-facing applications to the back-end database and hardware infrastructure. Associated skills related to this job are operating system (OS), version control systems, and amazon web services (AWS)

  1. Molecular Biologist-  Studying the genetic variations and relationships of plants, animals, and people is a focus of molecular biology. To deal with various cell types, DNAs, and their manifestations, these experts employ their expertise and understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, physiology, and genetics. The associated skills needed for this job include DNA extraction,and  polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

  1. Wellness Specialist- A wellness specialist works on fulfilling the wellness goals post of their clients through various fitness training and programs and customized wellness plans and proper lifestyle balance. There are certain associated skills that many wellness specialists have in order to accomplish their responsibilities which include counseling behavior analysis, and wellness coaching.

  1. User Experience Researcher-  UX researchers tend to collect, study, and analyze data to facilitate the product design process and gratify the user needs delightfully. UX experts tend to bridge the gap between who your user is and what their needs are. Associated skills needed to excel the job role includes analytical thinking and wireframing.


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