Top 5 Free Tech Courses For Early And Mid-level Professionals In Artificial Intelligence To Pursue During Lockdown

Over the last two years, there is a 60 per cent rise in the demand for AI learning experts in the industry.


Since AI is becoming the most important general-purpose technology of our era and is being autonomously used to create hypotheses, find unanticipated connections, and reduce the cost of gaining insights. Over the last 2 years, there is a 60 per cent rise in the demand for AI learning experts in the industry. The size of this sector in India is estimated to grow up to 16 billion $ by 2025. While the demand for professionals in this field is significantly high, most Indian companies feel that the shortage of skilled professionals is slowing down their adoption of AI in business. 

Here is a list of the top 5 free artificial intelligence courses for mid and senior level professionals who are considering taking up AI related projects in the near future.

IBM AI Foundations for Business Specialization

This program is designed for business leaders who are interested in developing skills and experience in Artificial Intelligence. In this course offered on Coursera, learners will get an introduction to the business-oriented technologies like AI, Data Science, mail tools like AI Ladder and the processes that are necessary for the successful deployment of AI-based solutions.

Duration: 12 hours

Introduction to AI for Business

This course by Udemy is designed to help professionals provide an overview about predictive data analytics, the kind of AI softwares available and how they can improve the business performance. With every tutorial learners will develop new skills and improve their understanding of AI. The course is packed with a range of real-life examples of companies that are winning in Digital Transformation through AI. 

Duration: 1 hour of video content

AI for leaders 

The Great Learning Academy offers a course called ‘AI for Leaders’. This course is for business executives to develop an understanding of AI and associated domains such as machine learning and data science and their business applications. It helps them learn how AI will impact customers, employees, investors, operations and product/service offerings. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Created by Columbia University, this course offered by edX will help professionals learn fundamentals of artificial intelligence and clarify the application of AI. Upon its completion, learners are able to build their intelligent agents, solve real AI problems through programming with Python and perform machine learning algorithms.

Duration: 108 hours

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Business Planning and Decision Making

Future Learn’s artificial intelligence program helps professionals to master the concepts of data sources, knowledge acquisition and types of machine learning algorithms. Through this training, professionals can gain understanding of the process of moving from data to knowledge and how to explore this process to make informed business decisions and business planning. 

Duration: 6 hours 


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