The Myntra Of Employee Comfort And Creativity

The new office of Myntra makes a statement about its core business, speaks to its youthful employee base and provides stimulating work environment


New space for new beginnings, is the message that the new Myntra office sends out. The new office, spread across a total area of 3 lakh sq.ft. on the Outer Ring Road at Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru, had been planned before Covid, but the final move has happened in the post-Covid phase.

So, what is the central thought behind this new office? “At the heart of it, we are a tech company, in the space of fashion. The new office integrates the element of technology in the design across art installations in the office, while the thoughtful use of upcycled material for art installations and furniture upholstery are some of the processes deployed towards creating an environment-friendly workspace,” informs Nupur Nagpal, CHRO, Myntra.

The office space exudes fashion, in the choice of vibrant colour palettes, thoughtful art installations, inspiring corners detailing various fashion-based themes, mannequin installations to showcase the latest product launches and more. And don’t miss the wall-mounted charkha (spinning wheel) as an ode to the Indian spinning, weaving and textile tradition. 

Ample Spaces For Imagination 

When employees spend a large part of their day at work station, it’s important to have design that is conducive to creativity, inspiration, imagination and productivity. In this regard, Nagpal shares, “The comfort and wellbeing of our employees is paramount because we believe that people’s creativity and ingenuity depends a lot on the environment that they work in.”

 A majority of the employees being Gen-Z and millennials, the interiors, starting with sitting arrangement, is designed keeping in mind the contemporary tastes and preferences, with functionality at the core. The open work culture is reflected in the open plan with no cabins. 

There are ample quirky, vibrant recreational spaces for leisure breaks during the work day or impromptu brainstorming sessions. Some of these spaces are: 

• Office gym, strategiically placed massage chairs, nap pods for employees to relax their body and mind 

• A library that catalogues a plethora of books 

• Facilities like the gaming arcades and jamming rooms 

• Outdoor gaming areas like volleyball and basketball courts 

• Intrigue and fun are woven throughout the new office, with nteresting facts and trivia from the world of fashion at multiple places. 

Meeting Different Needs

Different employees have different needs, like some preferring well-lit areas and natural light and others wanting it otherwise. And a lot of thought has been given to ensure that these diverse needs are met. Nagpal says, “People usually prefer to choose their ambience depending on their mood and that is exactly what we offer — flexibility as well as choice of different spaces and themes for their varied requirements during the course of the day. One can choose to work out of work desks, meeting rooms, or quiet spaces.”

The space design also ensures diversity and inclusion. “One of the core principles at Myntra is DEI and the new office spaces are a reflection of the same. There are gender-neutral washrooms, strategic design of ramps to aid the differently-abled employees, dedicated crèche area and nursing rooms, as well as designated parking for expecting mothers.” 

Environment Statement  

The creation of vertical gardens and the use of upcycled material in various aspects of the office are some of the environment-friendly steps taken while creating this new workspace. One of the boardroom walls is made out of upcycled keyboards, with keys arranged to form inspirational words, while another art installation is made of material from sample fabric pieces left behind at the ideation phase of fashion and yet another from footsole waste, representing the step-by-step conceptualisation of fashion. The upholstery of the wooden furniture in the cafe is also made out of recycled waste from Myntra’s Centre of Excellence.



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