Technology Is An Enabler; Moments of Truth Remain Human: Harshvendra Soin

Speaking at BW People presents #RandstadLeadershipDialogues- Episode- 1 in association with BW Businessworld and Randstad India; Harshvendra Soin, Tech Mahindra shares his insights and said We all are experiencing the euphoria of great productivity and efficiency but there also has been humongous double shift fatigue including the home chores.


Compassionate communication assists individuals with staying empathetic with one another, even in circumstances loaded with outrage or disappointment.

Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head Marketing, Tech Mahindra was asked how to practice compassion in communication and the impact of new technology while working as an HR. To which Soin commented, “Compassionate communication and leadership is the key to stay connected and communicate well.”

He further discussed the importance of the employees and ensured that the employee doesn’t stay number. “The first thing that we’ve to enable is human experience, personalized communication despite the number”, suggested Soin. Adding to the discussion he stated, “Technology is an enabler; moments of truth are yet human.”

Soin’s main concern was to address the employee’s ‘psychological’ and ‘physical’ safety. He believes that if we must deal with the pandemic with technology, people must be geared up to accept ‘rescaling or upscaling’.

Harshvendra Soin gave some examples where without technology it could have been impossible to communicate effectively. They needed some tools like humanoids which provided them with touchless experience. Apps like ‘An AI Coach’ where people connect with each other, it analyses frequency/tone of communication and coaches you on the areas you want, online. Other apps like ‘Voice-enabled face recognition system, Chatbox, Tech Mic AI tool’ was also mentioned.

Soin mentioned that 96 percent of IT Companies are practicing flexible Work from Home. The new normal has brought out the big reset. “It is going to be a mix work from anywhere and work from office”, he added.

We all are experiencing this euphoria of great productivity, efficiency but there also has been humongous double shift fatigue including the home chores. The challenges with technology are the weak WiFi connection and fluctuating electricity which points to developing India’s infrastructure.

Soin was questioned about how HR leaders are looking at the performance of the salespeople. He answered, “Performance is the measure of success against the gold post.” Its time for HR post to wear a different hat. He thinks it is a great opportunity to build ‘agility and resilience’ and measure the system.

“Unless the HR systems are agile enough to adapt to the reality of what’s happening around, we will be archaic”, he said discussing changing the entire plan to digital.

Dr. Annurag Batra asked Soin a thought he keeps saying to his colleagues. “Think disruptive or you’ll be disrupted”, said Harshvendra Soin.

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