Sukoon Health To Offer Tele-counselling Services for COVID-19 Induced Anxiety Patients

A first of its kind premium mental healthcare facility, Sukoon aims to alleviate anxiety during the curfew by opening telephonic and messaging facilities to citizens across India.


Sukoon Healthcare, a first of its kind Super Specialty Hospital focused on Mental Health, launches novel facility during the curfew  COVID 19 hit days. An online counselling service not just for patients but any citizen who is feeling anxious, depressed or helpless at home during these times. 

Slated for launch, Sukoon health has been founded by two young Social entrepreneurs Vidit Bahri and Kanishk Gupta, Sukoon is gearing up for a formal opening and will soon be backed by Fortis. 

In the meanwhile, the two caring citizens decided to set up this 24/7 service for anyone who wants to chat and share their stress with a health care professional. 

We live in an era where many young professionals are living alone. The concept of nuclear families has become extremely prevalent. Overall statistics show that our society is lonelier than ever. The stresses of work, quarantine and social pressures can negatively affect one's Mental Health. Our mission at Sukoon is to make Mental Health Services available to the citizens of India across the country with the click of a button. We have launched our tele-counselling service during this time of uncertainty to support the citizens of India 24/7” informs Vidit Bahri.

“To top it all, this world is privy to an overdose of information. Some scary and fake and some authentic but nevertheless nerve-racking. Not just loneliness there is the fear of falling sick, dying or losing a loved one. We want anyone flushed with these fears to call us allow our doctors to help them calm down,” adds Kanishk.

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