Sikkim CM Approves 12-Month Maternity Leave For Govt Workers

Prem Singh Tamang announced a year-long maternity and one-month paternity leave for state government employees


Prem Singh Tamang, Chief Minister of Sikkim announced that his government will allow a 12-month maternity leave and one-month paternity leave to its employees on Wednesday. 

At the annual general meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association (SSCSOA), Tamang shared that the changes will be made in the service rules as a beneficiary to the employees. He added that further details will be provided soon. 

The chief minister believes that the move will allow the government employees to take better care of their children and families. A working female professional will be entitled to six months, or twenty-six weeks of paid maternity leave under the Maternity Benefit Act 1961. 

Tamang mentioned that it is a significant move towards the growth and development of the Sikkim employees. The government is also focusing on streamlining the promotion process for civil services officers, leading to an increase in the number of promotions. 

Earlier this year, an official notice by the Sikkim government notified providing advance and additional increments to its employees with two to three children effective from January 2023. 

These are some significant developments towards the Himalayan state with the lowest population across India at around 6.32 lakh. 


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