Siemens to cut down job

The plan would not affect the manufacturing jobs but the chances personnel, finance or the legal department may be the target.


German based engineering company Siemens will go on efficiency drive which could result in 20,000 job eliminated.

Siemen’s plan is to cut down its cost for a vision of 2020. The company’s strength is 380,000 worldwide.

According to the report this plan the “vision 2020” would not target manufacturing department but it will affect of headquarters functions in areas like personnel, finance or the legal department.

With a vision of 2020, Siemen’s  CEO Joe Kaeser has shared that his goal is to increase efficiency by 20% and to increase saving in sectors of information technology and shared service by atleast 20%.

Siemens has taken an initiative for better able to respond quickly to market demands and to reduce the number of industrial units and make them independent.

The Company is also planning to make relationship for its ailing gas-turbine business which includes Chinese involvement.

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